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How to Save Money on Jewelry

If you’re like me then you love anything that sparkles. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, or even a broach! If it glitters then I need to buy it. If you’re also like me then you also don’t like the credit card bills that come with all of the purchases.

Not determined to let my bank account get in the way of me buying shiny objects, I learned a few tips and tricks that I have to share with you below.


Believe it or not, Instagram is a great place to discover independent jewelers that you can make purchases from very easily. Simply search Instagram for the word Jewelry or Independent Jewelry and take a look a the accounts available. The reason why this is on my list is that there is some very good quality jewelry out there for sale. Sometimes it can rival the designer brand I see in stores, only it comes at a fraction of the price.


I consider my glasses as jewelry because I like to jazz them up with gems or find quirky designs. One way to save money on glasses is to visit the Groupon Coupons page for Coastal. There is a big range to choose from including lots of glasses that sparkle!

Vintage Stores

One of the most overlooked places to buy jewelry has to the vintage stores. Too many shoppers look at the dusty or dirty jewelry and don’t see what’s underneath. I, on the other hand, learned very quickly that a quick polish can have a dusty necklace glistening in no time! Make some time to shop at your local vintage stores and if you see something that takes your fancy, give it a rub and see how shiny it will become.

Mailing Lists

Have you ever visited a jewelry store and been asked to provide your details for a mailing list? I used to say no. That was until I realized that these aren’t the mailing lists that I remember from the 90’s. Instead, modern mailing lists now include genuine sales and advanced offers to buy merchandise. You wouldn’t believe the number of items I’ve been able to buy before they went on sale, simply because I wrote down my email address at the register.

Estate Sales

While it is never a pleasant thought, there are a number of platforms who specialize in hosting estate sales. These are where you attend a property usually previous owned by an elderly person to make an offer on any items inside the home. These are often a good place to find smaller unknown unique pieces that don’t cost a lot of money, simply because they aren’t a well-known designer of the time. If you do attend these events, you will notice that the jewelry available is of much better quality than you would expect today, because of the era it was made in.

If you love sparkly jewelry then there is one thing that you shouldn’t do – let money get in the way of sparkling!

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